Self-initiated PSA for Japanese Relief Aid.

On March 11th, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and subsequent Tsunami and nuclear reactor leaks left Japan devastated. While much has been done to give relief and help to the people of Japan the real work is just beginning. Sometimes we forget that just because an event like this isn't on the front page anymore, the struggle to save and rebuilt lives has passed. IAMSTATIC wanted to create something that can act as a reminder that this disaster is still happening and not a memory.

Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Global Giving
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The Salvation Army
Save the Children
World Vision

Client: Self-initiated
Production: Resistor Art & Design
Creative Director: Ron Gervais
3D Animation / VFX / Design: David Greene
3D Animation: Steve McArdle
2D Animation/Compositing: Ron Gervais
Audio Design: Randy Knott


The main simulation of the Japan sphere exploding was achieved by shooting through fractured rigid bodies to create the main debris. Particles were then spawned from the larger chunks to throw tiny shards.


One thing we wanted to do was keep the the overall look graphic with control over different surfaces. Using mattes to break apart the inner and outer core gave specific areas for adding detail in post


The Biggest thing to get right, as it was used in most of the shots, was the debris of particles that was blowing off the surfaces. The goal was to have a very organic motion that resembled pieces being pulled/striped away. The solution was to spawn particle seeds that spew debris out for short periods of time with varying sizes. This technique was also used in the end reactor shot as well as the Red Cross logo reforming at the end. The great thing of this Particle Flow system was that it could be integrated into any scene based on where I needed it to spawn.